OdeaBank KForms Purchasing System E-Invoice Integration

Odeabank purchasing processes were integrated with the Intetech E-Invoice system. Thus, the incoming invoices for purchase orders were automatically matched with the relevant order forms in the ERP system. Since hundreds of incoming invoices are received directly into the ERP system, E-Invoices are automatically integrated into the approval processes without going to paper. Delays in invoice entries decreased, customer satisfaction increased.


Ziraat Katılım Bank Appraisal - Mortgage (Team) System

Collecting expertise requests within the bank, assigning real estate expertise requests to selected companies, Managing/processing the distribution of works assigned to companies to loss adjusters within the company, Gathering necessary information by the appointed loss adjusters, Automatically preparing the expertise report by the system with the collected information...


BKM Corporate Workflow System

BKM Corporate Work Flow System 1st phase studies have been completed. The first phase, consisting of procurement and invoicing workflow processes, Personnel Expense Notification, Personnel Travel, Leave request and Performance Evaluation forms, was completed and put into use. In this way, BKM has ensured the standardization of its internal processes. Thanks to the fact that all processes can be monitored and reported, both senior management and employees now have instant access to information.


BKM Performance Scorecard

We have commissioned the BKM Performance Scorecard module! You can contribute greatly to your company's strategic goals with the scorecard module, in which each employee has a performance card, specific goals are included, managers give points according to these goals, and as a result, various actions are taken.


KForms Purchasing Module

With the KForms Purchasing Module, you can manage the process, which starts with the Request Form and ends with the entry of the Waybill and Invoice, by controlling the workflow and budget limits of all purchasing steps.


BKM Contract Module

BKM Contract Module comes into play! BKM started to manage all its old and new contracts with the Kibele Communication KForms Contract Module as of this week. As with our customers such as Odeabank and TEB, BKM will easily renew and arrange contracts without missing the due dates, and will continue to automate their work flows.