Document Publishing Form

The examination of the documents by the relevant control units ensures the collection of the results of the review.

Business Statement Form

The forms are the form they use to request a job from other units.

Branch Visit Form

The reporting of visits to the branches by the General Directorate units is the form that sets the determination of deficiencies and the relevant units.

Correspondence Form

It is the form that manages the correspondence of units in the institution.

External Correspondence Tracking Form

The fact that the correspondence that has been sent to external authorities / customers or from external authorities and to be followed.

Education Cancel Notification

The employees who cannot participate in scheduled trainings are the form that allows them to not participate and report the reason.

Contract Form

Is the form that provides workflow of purchase contracts.

Legal Consultation

It is the form used to take views from the relevant law unit of employees in various law issues.


It is the form used for employees or customers to obtain information on all kinds of legislation.