Stock Inventory Management (EYS) Basic functions in our system

  • Fixed asset inventory and consumables in integrating with the acquisition system (over the delivery and invoice) to be integrated in integrating the Fixed asset depreciation of the fixed asset depreciations every month to account for accounting > Re-evaluation of real estate
  • Accounting operations of assets to dispose of the accounting operations
  • Auto-generation of fixed assets, sales, lost accountings
    Mirroring cost of stock material outputs < Calculation of the average values ??of Li> stock materials and the calculation of the principal price on the basis of the property, a bank contains all the infrastructure required for the management of fixed assets and consumables.
    Approved the application of the application stock claims Storage Directing, the depot outputs of fixed assets can be made through the application of functions and reporting related to operation such as units transmission.

Depreciation System


Warranty / Insurance System

Warranty / Insurance.

Technical Service and Maintenance Tracking System

Tracking technical service and maintenance.

Scrap / Sales / Lost System

Scrap / Sales / Lost.