It is the form that determines the principles for receiving, evaluating and allocating future personnel demands.

It is the form that determines the principles for the receipt, evaluation and allocation of future personnel requests. It is the flow that ensures the collection, approval and evaluation of personnel requests made for the purpose of increasing the staff or filling the vacant positions in HR (Human Resources). Approved personnel requests are transferred to the human resources system.

It allows you to report requests such as requests to be made for the staff leaving, staff transferred to another unit or branch, requesting staff for the staff that remains open as a result of a job change in the unit or branch, staff requests made due to the increase in business volume, and staff needs as a result of the change in the current structure. .

In addition to the employee request form, there is also a Temporary Staff Request form within KForms. With the Temporary Personnel Request form, you can request temporary personnel for a branch or unit.

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