In order to evaluate incoming offers, all relevant firms and prices are form that allows you to be presented and selectable in a table.

It is the form that allows all relevant companies and their prices to be presented in a table and to make a selection so that the incoming bids can be evaluated. A Comparison Form is created by the purchasing units in order to compare and evaluate the offers received from the suppliers for the items that are desired to be purchased during the purchasing process or for which a unit price agreement is made with the determined quantities within the specified date range.

The Comparison Form is created by the Configuration designated Purchasing authorities. In the request form, its approval is created by converting it from the completed request. Proposals collected for the demand are grouped and compared according to the Expenditure Item. In addition, the evaluation note, review note and archiving features of the proposal are also included in the structure of the comparison form.

The Comparison Form, which is known to be created through the Purchase Request or Tender form, makes it easier for your employees who manage the process by automatically pulling information such as the name, surname, registration number, duty, title and branch of the purchasing responsible.

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