The intake of the pen is the form used for the processing of the bill.

It is the form used to process the invoice of the purchased item. After receiving the items to be purchased from the supplier company during the purchasing process, an Invoice Form is created in order to make payment to the company through the system. An invoice can be created by combining one or more Waybills. There is an approval mechanism according to the expenditure types and budget situations it includes.

  • One or more of the approved waybills are selected and an invoice is created. Only invoice information (Invoice No, Term, Invoice Type, Payment Type, Currency etc.) and price information are additionally entered/selected.Changes can be made to the automatically calculated total VAT and general amount in terms of rounding off fractions.
  • It is sequentially approved by the approvers determined by the type of expenditure (or various criteria).
  • The approved invoice can be sent to the accounting systems of Logo Yazılım and Netsis.

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